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Al TeMan, Owner, T-Man Construction

Al TeMan has been building things for as far back as he can remember, starting with the deluxe forts and tree houses he’d build for younger brothers and friends.
Al was hired for his first ‘official’ construction job (at the age of nine!) by his uncle, who was a building contractor. The job… to demolish a house!
Having absolutely no job site experience whatsoever, Al used his sledgehammer to smash ONLY the glass items in the house, leaving everything else standing, before leaving for the day.
In his mind the job was complete!
Al’s uncle, however, had other plans for the costly items Al had destroyed; the porcelain fixtures, the beautiful stained-glass windows, etc. The stern lesson given to Al that day by his uncle taught him the importance of re-using and cherishing old architectural relics.
It serves Al’s uncle right ….for hiring a nine-year-old!

To this day, one of T-Man Construction’s signature design strengths is reusing old, beautiful architectural pieces, wherever and whenever possible.
After countless recording studios, residential rehabs, lovingly attended-to remodels and commercial creations, Al still feels the wonder at being able to transform normal spaces into magical places.