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Al TeMan, Owner, T-Man Construction

Al TeMan, of T-Man Construction, has been building things for as long as he can remember; starting with the countless, deluxe tree forts built for his little brothers and friends.
When Al was nine years old, he got his first ‘official’ construction job.
His uncle, a building contractor, hired young Al to help demolish an old house. The first thing Al did was grab a sledgehammer and destroy ALL the breakable things he could find; the beautiful, antique porcelain fixtures, the stained-glass windows, as well as every other breakable fixture throughout the house.
Al’s uncle, however, had other plans for the items that Al had just smashed. It was the angriest Al had ever seen his uncle. A serious chastisement was administered. The stern lesson given to Al that day taught him the importance of saving the ‘good stuff’’.
To this day, recycling and the repurposing of cherished architectural relics is one of T-Man Construction’s signature design strengths. After hundreds of high profile recording studios, commercial projects and lovingly attended-to, residential remodels, Al still feels the wonder of transforming ‘normal’ rooms into magical spaces.
One of T-Man Construction’s signature design strengths is reusing old, beautiful architectural pieces, wherever and whenever possible.